Point-of-Sale Retail Software Provider in New York, NY

Netnix Retail Systems is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions to our customers’ problems. For over 30 years, we have served as a point-of-sale retail software provider in New York, NY. Our goal is to help businesses reach their goals with innovative technology that boosts operational efficiency.

We partner with Radiant Systems, a technology provider that develops POS retail software for the hospitality, retail, and entertainment industries. Our team makes your job easier by setting you up with the systems and support that allow you to have instant access to sales reports, inventory figures, and more. As your reliable source for retail assistance that helps you grow your business, we offer:

Not-Your-Usual Mission Statement

We are serious about providing you with the latest technology and superior customer service, but we have fun with what we do. Here is our Mission Statement:

We want you to be happy. Cloud 9 is happy. Well, we will try. But, happy just the same. So, we will work for you and with you. We will take your goals and make them ours. Your passion will become our passion. At Netnix, we devote all of our time to you, so our service is 24/7. Sometimes we sleep, but we try and time it with our sleep patterns. We want you to be successful because your success means that you will tell your friends about us. If we had friends, we’d tell them about us, too.