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Have you been trying to find a retail software solutions company in New York, NY, that is truly dedicated to putting you first? Your search stops here. At Netnix Retail Systems, we believe that the customer is always the top priority—and it all starts with effective communication.

From the moment you first contact us, you’re sure to be impressed by our commitment to keeping the lines of communication open. It’s important to us that our technology, software, and services complement your business goals perfectly. Therefore, we take the time to listen to you and gain a thorough understanding of precisely what you are looking to achieve, whether you want to enhance your cloud storage, upgrade your POS terminals, or anything in between.

With your goals and strategies in mind, we can then offer a solution that works for you, your team of workers, and—perhaps most importantly—the customers who depend on you for high-quality service every day.

Two Big Benefits of Managed IT Services in New York, NY

According to recent studies, less than 50% of new retail businesses remain in operation beyond their first four years. This research shows how many new business owners may not fully understand how to run and grow a profitable retail business.

Netnix Retail Systems can help with managed IT services in New York, NY. Appropriate software and technology can automate mundane tasks and bring your business onto the fast track. With retail POS software technology, manual tasks like billing, calculating the final bill, adding discounts, etc., can now be automated.

Here are the two biggest benefits of POS software for retail businesses:

Time Savings

Time savings can be considered the top benefit of any POS retail Software. No one enjoys standing in a line waiting for their turn. Our professionals in IT services will advise you that POS software streamlines transactions to make the service more efficient. Scanning the barcode on a product immediately updates database information such as product name, qty, bill amount, tax, etc. In addition, the print feature will print the final bill, reducing the need for manual writing and bill creation.

Inventory Management

No matter what the size of your retail store, our IT services, and POS software can improve the way data of stock inventory is managed. It shows a real-time, accurate inventory. With its scan feature, POS software adds the complete product data to the database. The product’s quantity then changes with incoming and outgoing products informed by the barcode scanners connected with POS software. If the inventory of particular items seems to be short, the owner can order an additional stock of those items without investing much time and effort.

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