Integrated Retail Solutions in New York, NY

Establish a partnership with a client-focused software provider that develops integrated retail solutions in New York, NY. Netnix Retail Systems give you greater control over your commercial establishment's daily operations with a suite of software applications and leading-edge hardware.

We've designed and deployed scalable software platforms that make it easier to do business in your market. The platforms streamline the customer experience within your location, and they improve operational efficiency in the back office as well. Learn about these essential tools that are easily integrated into our online integrated solutions and available retail hardware systems.


Outbound Online Ticketing and Reservation Software system take you beyond the basic act of reserving an activity by going steps further in the process, with features such as time-based rules, date/time filtering, reservation policies based on events or activities, and customizable email confirmation, just to name a few.

Outbound Software is built on a wide spectrum in order to handle all of your reservation needs, from the simplest to the most complex scenarios.


2B Solutions is a Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and mobile application that gives you the remote capability and flexibility to manage inventory, store, or warehouse, for any business size. This integrated mobile solution has built-in intelligence, making it fully functional and an indispensable asset to your growing business.

Passport Accounting

For over 25 years, Passport Software has led the field in providing superior business and integrated accounting solutions for customers. This top-rated accounting and business software help manage your business with its Payroll Module, Accounts Payable, A/R, Bank Reconciliation, GL, Inventory Management, ERP, and much more.

Passport continually adds new enhancements and features while maintaining the stability and strong audit trail capabilities expected in the accounting industry.


QuickBooks Intuit Software enables you to stay on top of your business with an informational dashboard that empowers you to keep on top of your establishment. Easy to use, QuickBooks features bank sync, expense tracking, and invoice capability, and lets you manage and pay bills, and business standing data, to name a few.


Our NCR mobile solution, CPMobile, allows you to run your business away from the counter and out on the sales floor. This is the ideal solution for line-busting, whether you are working in-store or at an outside trade/sidewalk event.

With CPMobile, you not only have the ability to ring sales but also can manage your inventory, including receiving and physical count.

Compatible with Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod, this mobile solution is an invaluable addition to any business.

Smart Alerts

We understand that you may not be able to be 24/7, even if your business is, so we offer Smart Alerts. With these integrated solutions, you can receive important text or email notifications, alerting you of store activities that fall out of the daily norm, as well as daily sales figures and POS data. With Smart Alerts, you can be at work, even when you are on the beach.

Customer Connect

Reach your customers using our fully integrated email marketing tool, Customer Connect. With this user-friendly email solution, you can create campaigns geared toward your customers based on purchase history, customer category, preferences, birthdays, as well as any other data stored in a customer record or sales history.


Seamless integration with your NCR CounterPoint software means less administration. Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date, and online orders show up automatically in CounterPoint.

With your NCR Retail Online (NRO) store, everything works off of one database, so there is no need to maintain your online store separately from your brick-and-mortar.


When it comes to loyalty and gift cards, we offer Card Marketing Services- a 20+ year company that produces millions of cards at its facility weekly. CMS has a full-service pre-press department, three full-time designers, and a web designer, so they are able to work for you, and with you, from the moment of conception to the end product.

Secure Credit Card Gateway

NCR Secure Pay is a gateway solution for credit card processing through NCR CounterPoint. This host-based solution provides additional security measures, including Tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), minimizing credit card security breaches for you and your customers.

Customized Reporting

CounterPoint has a robust reporting collection built into the system, customized by the user, and conditions available on each report. This capability allows you to have multiple saved parameters for reports that are key for the running of your business.

SQL Programming

At Netnix, we employ a team of SQL-savvy experts who can take your raw data and perform queries, update and delete, and be well-versed in schema creation and modification.

The Support You Deserve

Clients can expect to receive retail assistance during the hours they do business. We won't constrain your potential for growth with limited hours. We do business according to your schedule. Our support personnel is here to work with your team to accomplish the reporting expectations of your stakeholders.

For more than three decades, we've been at the forefront of innovation, and we continue to lead for the clients we serve. Our developers are here to translate your needs into practical plans that include software applications and hardware that fit. Tell us more about your needs, and our programming experts will work to accomplish what you need to succeed.