Versatile IT Services in New York, NY

You work to grow your business while we work to support that growth. There isn’t always time to manage both your business and the software system, networking, and infrastructure it needs. When you’re looking for a simpler solution, we’re here to assist with your IT services in New York, NY. Not everyone can take on the IT development a healthy business requires, so leave that to the professionals at Netnix Retail & Events Software.

Our company is a national leader in IT services. We assist growing businesses, and they trust us to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of software solutions. Stay competitive, stay relevant, and stay confident in our ability to move you through the fast-paced world of dynamic retail technologies.

Work From Anywhere

When your business needs a mobile solution, we offer the latest in business data management that can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world. Our technology gives you the freedom to manage your business from your home, your car, or even another country. When you can’t be there, you can trust the experts to help you stay in touch.

Relevant Retail Solutions

A successful retail venture needs a stable point-of-sale system to manage critical aspects of your business. We specialize in integrated accounting solutions so all of your systems can talk to each other; this saves time and creates a seamless process of product management. Our retail software solutions supply you with the cutting edge in point-of-sale technology and give your customers the service they deserve.

Our proprietary Netnix remote monitoring system (NRMS) is designed to grow and change with your business and keeps your servers, workstations, and registers running smoothly 24/7. We’re equipped to handle essential tasks including:

  • Hardware and Software Auditing
  • Installing Antivirus Management
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Desktop Performance Monitoring
  • Patch Deployment

Based in New York City, we proudly serve customers throughout the United States.