NCR CounterPoint in New York, NY

Netnix brings you a complete retail management system that enables you to run your business not only effectively but efficiently. NCR CounterPoint is a robust software system that includes point-of-sale, inventory management, built-in customer loyalty, purchasing and receiving, interfacing capability with many accounting packages, and a multitude of reporting options.

NCR CounterPoint is a user-friendly system that has a customizable apparel matrix, with a number of enhancement options to add serviceability, such as a fully integrated e-commerce solution, mobile point-of-sale, e-mail marketing, and real-time store operation alerts.

NCR CounterPoint is a flexible software solution that can continue to grow with your business and its changing needs.

Advanced Hardware Simplifying Your Workflow

The retail environment can be busy and stressful. In an industry where time is a crucial factor in the customer experience, your retail hardware needs to be as agile as your employees. NCR CounterPoint optimizes your workflow, allowing your workers to save time.

The NCR CounterPoint system utilizes an intuitive user interface, making it easy to complete purchases and keep records. In addition, this hardware integrates seamlessly with your current accounting and inventory management systems.

Retail Solutions that Adapt to You

As your business grows, you will want to invest in retail solutions that can adapt to your environment. Count on NCR CounterPoint to adapt to your enterprise. Our tools, equipment, and software are highly customizable, giving you more control over your day-to-day operations.

The systems we offer are compatible with various retail and inventory management suites, including QuickBooks. Whether you are starting a new business or are looking to update your old retail systems, you can count on us to provide the solutions you need.

With our retail solutions, managing your business has never been easier. Are you ready to make the switch? Let’s get started. Contact our company to request a consultation for new retail hardware. We serve clients throughout New York, NY.